Stealth's team is made up of highly experienced CMOs from across business and technology sectors who are available for fractional assignments to help your business overcome its next challenge or opportunity.

Stealth's CMOs are available for interim, ongoing,
temporary and permanent assignments.


Our CMOs work with your management and marketing teams to uncover new growth opportunities, refine messaging and accelerate your brand presence across channels. 

The goal is to develop cohesive short-term and long-term marketing plans that will increase your market share rapidly.

We build strategies that align with how your customers actually buy

Our CMOs work with your management team to give your brand a competitive edge. We elevate your current positioning, messaging, and storytelling across your digital and social channels.

Ultimately we work with your team to create, capture, and convert demand.  

Out with the boring,
in with the MEMORABLE

The number one rule in marketing is to make your content memorable! We achieve this by working directly with your creative team on developing content that catches the eye. This includes developing storytelling strategies and creatives that will capture the attention of your target customers.

We are dedicated to growing your business

It often starts with educating your target audience so they know you have what they’re missing. We help your team build trust, and brand awareness by meeting your target audience where they are. From social media channels to proven retargeting strategies we work with your team to grow brand awareness and sales.

People love to discover things through social media

How did someone first hear about your brand? The answer normally involves either social media or word-of-mouth. Ultimately, we work with your team to help build strong avenues of growth which often means expanding your social media presence targeting the right communities that will help grow your business into the future.

Marketing that focuses on making sales faster

Our team is dedicated to building marketing programs that make sales easier. We do this by deep diving into your current strategies and programs. From those findings we help improve your: demand-generation, social media strategies, GTM plans and execution, messaging, branding, competitive intelligence, budgeting, forecasting and more.

Fully Customizable

Our CMO Level service is fully customizable and is designed to deliver what your team needs most. This includes: leadership, strategy, planning, growth, messaging, budgeting, social media, branding, creatives, presentations and more.

Brand Development

We begin by focusing efforts on defining your brands purpose, values and target position in the market. We then build a plan and implementation strategy to expand your brand's presence to resonate with a larger target audience.

Leadership Matters

Stealth's CMOs provide marketing, startup and business leadership for both your management and marketing teams. We work with your teams to uncover new growth opportunities, refine messaging and accelerate your brand presence across channels.

PR & Communications

Our CMOs works with your PR team to manage all aspects of your company's external communication strategies and activities. The ultimate goal is to build brand awareness with customers, potential customers, media, influencers and investors.


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