Stealth provides strategic marketing and tactical support to startups and growing companies across business and technology sectors.

We offer 6 fractional marketing options designed to fill the gaps of your marketing team: social media, growth, digital content, branding & strategy, product marketing and PR/Communications.

Head of Social Media

Responsible for developing and executing a comprehensive social media strategy to enhance your brand presence, engage your target audience, drive traffic, and increase overall social media performance. We use the latest social media trends, tactics and technologies, utilizing data-driven insights to continuously improve your companies social media presence and impact.

Head of Brand & Strategy

This role entails setting a clear brand identity, positioning, and guidelines that align with your company's mission, values, and business objectives. The goal is to drive brand awareness, customer loyalty, and market differentiation. Ultimately the Head of Brand & Strategy will help shape long-term growth and success by fostering a strong brand presence in the marketplace.

Head of Growth

The Head of Growth's mission is to drive and execute strategies to achieve sustainable and scalable growth for your company. This role includes identifying, prioritizing, and implement growth initiatives across various channels and customer segments. The ultimate goal is to optimize the customer journey, enhance user acquisition, and accelerate your company's growth.

Head of Digital Content

Oversees the development, execution, and optimization of digital content initiatives for your company. The Head of Digital Content helps drive brand awareness, audience growth, customer engagement, and lead generation through various digital channels. This includes strategy, creative implementation, testing, and new channel recommendations.

Head of Product Marketing

Responsible for driving the success of your company's products through effective product marketing strategies. This role includes go-to-market plans, positioning, messaging, and sales enablement activities. Ultimately The Head of Product Marketing is responsible for ensuring successful product launches, adoption, and ongoing promotion of the company's products in the market.

Head of Communications

The Head of Communications oversees and manages all aspects of your company's external communication strategies and activities. The ultimate goal is to build brand awareness with customers, potential customers, media, influencers and investors. This role also includes defining key messages, target audiences, journalists, media outlets and communication channels.


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